Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Meet Rosa, my very first attempt at a non-animal doll.
I have to say straight away that the image quality is very poor and the picture just plain stinks. I am stuck using a phone as my camera at the moment. I just couldn't wait to show her off though!
I love her green eyes paired with her tan skin! Her hair is quite a beautiful pink, which does not look at all right in the photo. My daughter chose all her colors and wanted to name her 'Mine' much for my ideas of selling her at a fair in November.
She is made with Knitpicks Sport, I forget which but it has cotton in it and some wood fibers I believe, and is super strong, machine washable, and surprising soft. Perfect for a doll.
I need to make something to support her neck. Next time the head will be smaller or I will use shorter hair...but I do love the huge head! I need to make her something with a sturdy neck to hold up her...neck, haha. Oh dear.
Well, adios everyone!

Hi Again!

Hi again everyone! Sorry for the long absence! Just rearranging some stuff around here, hope to be back to regularly posting again soon.


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