Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Gifts for Under $15

At a loss as to what you should get the knitter in your life for a birthday or other occasion? Fret not! Here’s a list of five great and quirky gifts for under $15, which work for any gift giving occasion.

Sock Monkey Tape Measure

Who doesn’t love sock monkeys? This super cute sock monkey tape measure is sure to be a hit with any crafter in your life, not just knitters! Sock Monkey Tape Measure, Lantern Moon,, $11.05. Check out their chocolates!

You can never go wrong with patterns. Plus, most are under $6.00, so they won’t break the bank, and most now require no shipping! Just download right to your computer, instant gratification. Two of my favorite pattern designers are:
Fuzzy Mitten,
Danger Crafts:

Gryffindor Stitch Markers
I love The Sexy Knitter! This cute set of five sequined stitch holders come in the Gryffindor House colors, and packaged in the cutest container. Perfect little something! Gryffindor Stitch Markers, The Sexy Knitter,, $7.50. Also, be sure to check out her Golden Snitch stitch markers and the Knitter’s Tin. I use a Knitter’s Tin myself!

Frogged/Ripped Shots
Sometimes, a knitter just needs a libation. After a frustrating session of ripping out our hard work, what better way to take said libations than with these Frogged/Ripped shot glasses? For the knitter who doesn't drink, these are a super cute way to store smaller notions. Frogged/Ripped Shots, Ravelry,, $3.50

Handmade Sushi Knitting Needles
I love love love these knitting needles, and a knitter can never have too many needles. (Hint, hint.) You can be guaranteed your friend won’t receive another pair like it. Sushi Handmade Birch Knitting Needles, kikuhandmade,, $14.00

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Cocoa Glitter said...

The Gryffindor stitch markers are amazing! I will definitely be checking out that etsy shop.

The sushi needles look great, but I can imagine they could get annoying to knit with.


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