Monday, October 29, 2012

Wee Fairy Folk Tutorial

Some wee fairy folk, out of some objects from around the house and some stuff we found on our walks. Perfect for a stormy day indoor activity!
(I am so sorry for the quality of this and some of the next few images. The lighting is not the best right now and apparently I can't camera.) First, bend a pipe cleaner into the rough shape of a body - two arms, two legs and a neck. Forget the head - who needs a head?!
Then you make a skirt. Cut however many pieces into whatever size circle you want, with small holes in the center of each one.
Then stick the legs through and push it up to the waist!
The shirt is a rectangle with a hole in the center. Stick the neck through the hole and tie around the waist with a bit of string.
This is what it will look like!
Then take a break to enjoy the four year old's acorn art!
Then take a bead, attach some fun wool hair with a wee acorn for a hat and glue it on the neck. Make it a mate to play with and let them romp in an indoor fairy garden!
There you have it - an indoor hurricane activity sure to last for longer than a handful of puzzles! Enjoy!

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